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360* Marketing Audit

The marketing audit is where we analyse your marketing materials, activities & their current results. We also request extra data to find out more about your marketing spend. The audit is undertaken to highlight problem areas and identify opportunities with a view to recommending a plan of action to improve the overall marketing performance for your company.


We will also benchmark your brand’s performance, products and assets against others in your industry. Bring your brand inline with our success formula.

This helps us get an in depth look into your marketing department, marketing materials and what is being spent where.


We take this data to generate reports that show you exactly what marketing material & activity sources are generating a productive and profitable ROI. In these reports we suggest & recommend ways to both cut your costs and increase your revenues, whilst making measuring and analytics less time consuming for you.

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Benchmark Audit

We will benchmark your brand’s performance, products and assets against others in your industry. This helps bring your brand inline with our success formula.

What Included:

Systems Audit

We focus on the efficiency of the tools & systems to make sure it’s working as it should. We check your tracking, what tech stack you are using and how its configured.

What Included:

The External Audit

In the external audit we Identify strategic uncertainties in the market, what your threats and opportunities are, how future events can be used to help your marketing and where you may be making mistakes compared to competitors. 

What Included:

The Internal Audit

In the internal audit we identify if the marketing activities profitable and is the organisation operationally efficient, Focusing on the efficiency of the tools & systems, while also examining the details of the marketing tactics being used and how your the Sells & Marketing operates, does it work, is it realistic & is it losing you money.

What Included:

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It gives me peace of mind to know I can rely on JDThomson & Associates for future campaigns. I was comforted by their extensive knowledge on effective market strategising. Excellent value and I will definitely be using their services again!

Coner Hyde

Quite simply, we have been delighted with the return on investment from our work with Jdthomson, They are highly professional and efficient personnel at all levels.


We have been introduced to some excellent commercial opportunities and we are delighted with the quality of services received.

Robert Greenfield

Made me a fab website and has given great advice. Would recommend his marketing advice club deal as well.

Anna Robinson

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