I am a Digital Marketer from a working-class British background. Since starting my journey as a marketer and a businessman. I have learnt a lot and would like to share my thoughts and journey everyone.

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✍ Other Places I Write For:
Main writer and founder of Grovilla Music a New Music List
MPH Creative Digital Marketing Agency
Quite Useless Arts Blog


🎉Fun Things:
A massive music fan into everything from rock to classical music and everything in-between
I have been recording and writing music since I was 10 years old.
I Create Light-based art and have been featured in 4 exhibitions.

Instagram Was First Called “Burbn”

  Hello Marketers Fun fact Instagram didn’t start out as Instagram. It started out as … Burbn. Kevin Systrom created Instagram, but it was not always called Instagram. Kevin was a fan of Kentucky whiskeys. So when he created a location-based IOS app. one that was trying to follow the success of networking apps like…