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Optimising Your Efforts By Making It More Productive With Less Expensive Mistakes.
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The 3 Pillers of Marketing Consulting


We’ll help you harness change, express meaning, and create impact.


We provide detailed strategies weather that is go To Market analysis or A full marketing plan


This service is here for one reason: to help you and your teams close more leads.

An In Depth Look Into Your Marketing Materials & Activities

We start with a full marketing audit where we analyze your marketing materials, activities & their current results. We also request extra data to find out more about your marketing spend.

This helps us get an in depth look into your marketing department, marketing materials and what is being spent where.


See the entire breakdown of all your traffic and how profitable it REALLY is.

We take this data to generate reports that show you exactly what marketing material & activity sources are generating a productive and profitable ROI. In these reports we suggest & recommend ways to both cut your costs and increase your revenues, whilst making measuring and analytics less time consuming for you.



  • 1. Brief 30 Min Application Call

  • 2. Discovery Meeting

  • 3. Full Marketing Audit

  • 4. Strategy Creation & 90 Day Action Plan

  • 5. Implementation

  • 6. Weekly or Monthly Reviews

Plan Your Marketing Strategy Based Around Profitability

We can help you plan your digital marketing strategy, so it’s right from the outset, or we can refine your existing digital marketing activity to increase revenues. Our marketing consultancy covers all the key areas of modern marketing


Start In 2 Easy Clicks

We can get started in 2 easy clicks by just booking a Free 30 minutes application session where we explain how it works in more detail.


Stop marketing confusion and missed sales

We plug into your entire marketing department and are able to see things that your marketing mangers or even CMO will miss.
Our customers consistently are able to attribute 30-40% more sales to their marketing efforts after using us.

Understand Where You Are Wasting Marketing Budget & Where It Would Be Better Spent.

There always a new marketing technology or a new tactic but you can just chase it and hope it works you need to know if it will work for your audience and then test it to see if it works, but even then you need to know how to use the ever changing platform or technology in the most effective and productive way, otherwise its a time such.


Make Your Marketing Department Smarter

We our help your marketing department can to find you customers more cost effectively. We help level up any marketing department by giving the insights into ways of improving or creating new strategies with new technologies and ways of thinking. Helping them look through data allowing them to learn faster and become significantly better at finding your customers at a lower cost.

See How A Customers Spends & When They Don't Spend.

We specializes in finding trends & pitfalls in your data weather that be sales calls, LONG sales funnels, up sales, down sales, recurring sales, memberships from their very first click to their very last click over days, months and years.


Marketing Activities Running Out Of Control

If you feel your marketing activities are running a little out of control, or that you’ve peaked, we can help just book an appointment below to speak to one of our team.

Frist Time Hiring A Consultant

You may ask “Why are consultants needed?” or  “What do consultants do?”

These questions are often at the forefront of peoples minds when considering hiring there first marketing consultant.

there are 4 types of consulting and this helps explain what consultants actually do?

  • The Forecaster:
    Predicting the future for the client
  • The Driver:
    Delivering a defined requirement for the client
  • The Teacher:
    Evaluating the client’s work
  • The Fixer:
    Fixing a problem or issue for a client

We do this by analyzing your current marketing strategy and the data metrics inside your business like ROI, Page views,  sales data from the different activities & much more. This helps us give you a better picture of where you are now and where you can be tomorrow.

Here at Jdthomson, We offer consulting 7 days a week to give businesses the opportunity to get some help figuring out there marketing.

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Our Pricing

The Journey Coaching Programme

£350Per Month
£350Per Month

  • Live or recorded private group lessons and 1-1 Q&A sessions with me but without any implementation by me or my team, just direction

  • Extras:
  • Knowledge and networking Club Membership for 12 months
    (Coming Soon)

Pay As You Go

  • Buy a choice of 10 or 20 Hours and use when you need them

    But don't forget they do have a time limit

  • Extras:
  • Knowledge and networking Club Membership for 12 months
    (Coming Soon)

The Bespoke Transformation Retainer

£500Per Month
£500Per Month
  • We provide a dedicated consultant & detailed strategies

    We help by Business analysis, Market analysis, workflow analysis and more to help you transform your companies marketing with 1 to 1 assistants with you and your stuff

  • Extras:
  • Knowledge and networking Club Membership for 12 months
    (Coming Soon)

  • Digital Services Discounts

  • 25 Hours A Month


Get a Free 30 minutes Application Call Now To See How We Can Help You


Get a Free 30 minutes Application Call Now To See How We Can Help You


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