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Sometimes you need someone with more knowledge than you in a certain subject to point you in the right directions.

Businesses in this day and age need a marketing consultant to create or current direction of their marketing and giving them a marketing department with easy & on an affordable budget.

The 3 Pillers of Marketing Consulting


We’ll help you harness change,

express meaning, and create impact.


we provide detailed strategies weather that is

Go To Market analysis or A full marketing plan


This service is here for one reason: to help

you and your teams close more leads.


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  • 3. First Meeting & Introduction

  • 4. Reporting Your Results

  • 5. Implementation & Optimising

Why are consultants needed?

You may ask “Why are consultants needed?” or  “What do consultants do?”

These questions are often at the forefront of peoples minds when considering hiring there first marketing consultant.

there are 4 types of consulting and this helps explain what consultants actally do?

  1. The Fixer:
    Fixing a problem or issue for a client
  2. The Driver:
    Delivering a defined requirement for the client
  3. The Teacher:
    Evaluating the client’s work
  4. The Forecaster:
    Predicting the future for the client

We do this by anaylising your current marketing stratgey and the data metrics inside your business like ROI, Page views,  sales data from the different actaivitys & much more. This helps us give you a better picture of where you are now and where you can be tommoroww.

Here at Jdthomson, We offer video consulting 7 days a week to give businesses the opportunity to get some help figuring out there marketing.

Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We can help you plan your digital marketing strategy, so it’s right from the outset, or we can refine your existing digital marketing activity to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Our digital marketing consultancy covers the following key areas:-

  • Brand
    Improving your brand message, differentiating in your market
  • Content
    On message content creating compelling and relevant engagement
  • Web
     increasing conversions, page actions, return visits, monetising, lead capture
  • Email marketing
    increasing audience, engagement, actions and leads/ sales

  • Social media
    Paid for and organic campaign strategy, channel choice, measuring results

  • PPC, Remarketing & SEO
    optimising results and decreasing workload


Digital Marketing Audit

Our digital marketing audit is a more in depth look at your digital marketing activities, your current results and how we can make suggestions to both cut your costs and increase your digital revenues, whilst making measuring and analytics less time consuming for you.

If you feel your digital marketing activities are running a little out of control, or that you’ve peaked, we can help just book an appointmeant below to speak to one of our team.

3 Types of Marketing Consulting Packages

Pay As You Go

Buy Hours when you need them

But don’t forget they do have a time limit

The MARKETING Transformation Package

We provide a dedicated consultant & detailed strategies

We help by Business analysis, Market analysis, workflow analysis and more to help you transform your companies marketing

The CUSTOM Package

We sit down and build the right package for you with

a dedicated consultant & detailed strategies

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Buy a pack of 10 Hours for you to uses for booking consulting sessions where you can discuss your marketing problems with our team.

20 Consulting Hours Pack


Buy a pack of 20 Hours for you to uses for booking consulting sessions where you can discuss your marketing problems with our team.


360 Marketing Audit

£600.00 £289.00

The marketing audit is basically a structured analysis and review of your current marketing activities carried out through an examination of your marketing strategies, tactics and objectives.


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