Client Objective

Hershesons, a hair salon and beauty brand, aimed to grow their online presence and turn their existing website traffic into customers. They sought to increase the conversion rate, order frequency, and average order value (AOV) on their D2C store. They approached JDThomson for assistance in implementing effective marketing tactics and improving their D2C store.

Our Strategy

To address Hershesons’ objectives, we began by conducting a comprehensive 360 Marketing Audit. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their target customers and evaluate the overall user experience. By identifying potential conversion leaks and growth opportunities, we developed a two-phase approach to achieve their goals.

In Phase 1, we utilized our BuiltWithData Service, specifically designed to build D2C stores using data-driven strategies to maximize conversion rates. We migrated Hershesons’ existing store from Magento to Shopify, implementing a new theme design. The reason for changing from Magento was due to how expensive it was to run and maintain, along with the feature set not aligning with current marketing goals. We focused on optimizing the checkout process, both on mobile and desktop, by incorporating upsells, trust signals, and technical improvements. Additionally, we created new landing page sections to address price objections and employ risk reversal techniques, ensuring a smoother customer journey.

In Phase 2, we implemented our 90-day growth labs service. During this phase, we conducted a series of growth experiments aimed at further increasing the conversion rate, AOV

Our Work

The Results

Our efforts resulted in significant improvements for Hershesons’ D2C store:


Increase in Conversion Rate

We achieved a remarkable 200% increase in the conversion rate. This means that a higher percentage of website visitors were successfully converted into customers, resulting in increased sales and revenue for Hershesons.


Increase in Add to cart

We also saw a significant 150% increase in the “Add to Cart” rate. This indicates that more visitors were engaging with the products and showing intent to make a purchase, leading to a higher likelihood of completing the transaction.


Repeat Purchase Rate

One of the most notable achievements was the fourfold increase in the repeat purchase rate. This indicates that customers were not only making initial purchases but also returning to make additional purchases, demonstrating loyalty and satisfaction with the brand.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategies in increasing conversion rates, engagement, and customer loyalty for Hershesons. By optimizing the D2C store, implementing data-driven tactics, and conducting growth experiments, we were able to drive significant improvements in key metrics, ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth for Hershesons.