What We Do:

Strategy & Implementation an All-In-One Solution

Specialising in helping digital agencies and medium size businesses with marketing planning & Implementation guided by strategy, as an all-in-one solution & true brand partner.

We tell brands what Digital Marketing strategies actually work and what course of action would be best for their brand, bringing measurable results.

The Difference:

But Why A Consultancy Not An Agency

The difference between a Consultancy and an agency boils down to one word: “Commitment”. Agencies are independent, transactional and unconnected service providers.

By contrast, a “Consultancy” is a team that are fully engaged, connected, committed and shares some of the success. They also care more about what you are doing.

Our Founder's Story

My Name Is

Jack D Thomson
“I am always thinking about marketing and the weird and wonderful ways we can use it”


I am the guy that for a majority of my life kept a notebook with me to take down new marketing ideas, where ever they strike

My name is Jack D Thomson I am the founder of JD Thomson & Associates and Head Consultant I have always been fascinated with marketing and the great ways you can use it. I have managed global marketing campaigns in my career as a CMO, Marketing Strategist, or Consultant   … sometimes all three.

At my core, I am a marketer … Creator, fellow business owner.

Over the years, I’ve managed online sales marketing and communication campaigns for a variety of companies. Clients ranged from coffee brands to big tech brands.

I come from a working-class British background. When I was growing up, I was fascinated with two thing music and media industry.

My journey started at 14, at a youth radio station called Southside where for over ten years. I helped market the station, engineered studio time and managed to achieve funding (from the Jack Petchey Foundation and the YOF fund) to design and make their new youth magazine, a radio show and T-shirts. As time want on, I started to build on my all around skill sets, learning to use several types marketing strategies as well as a range of professional Graphic Design, Sound Design and Video Editing Software.

I while studying I begin creating websites and marketing them to make money. This ranged from selling products like creams and hair dryers to services online. I started by doing small campaigns and moved on to full marketing campaigns using unique website designs and methods like SEO, PR, email outreach, direct mail and others. Through this, I developed my skills on D2C marketing and improved all-around creative skills using code, digital software & technology to sell products online.

To share a bit about myself, I have started my own businesses in the past, my very first was when I was 18 a production company producing hip-hop music and a clothing label. I designed and sold T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Snap backs, I honed my skills in entrepreneurship, design and marketing. In the end I sold this company to focus on other projects.

Over the years, I’ve managed online sales marketing and communication campaigns for a variety of companies. MPH Creative Digital Marketing Agency, a very well respected Marketing, Media and Design Agency in the UK contracted me as head digital marketing strategist through this I had the opportunity to double and triple many different clients traffic and conversions using digital marketing. Clients ranged from coffee brands to big tech brands.

I also co-founded & co-managed an Art management company “Quite Useless Arts” doing a series of Art Shows in London. Gaining high visibility PR campaigns, with companies like Vogue, ELLE UK, Wall Street Journal and Evening Standard.

Why I Started Jdthomson

In my early career I saw a need for a different type of marketing service I understood that agencies where fast becoming independent, transactional and unconnected service providers.

This meant that clients just got a point and shoot style service with no thought for the overall strategy and guidance was not at the forefront.

I remember time and time again I would see a brand be told you need to be doing this or that marketing tactic, with no thought for the overall strategy or brand image.

Similarly, I saw that not all brands want the same style of services. Some wanted guidance, some wanted services with advise and others wanted training for there under skilled marketing departments but all of them wanted to get better results.

I knew there was a gap in the market for a new type of service provider. A flexible, transparent and reliable service that was committed to their brand.

This was why I started Jdthomson and associates, to create a new type of service provider that focused on a research, build, train & maintain model but also offering flexibility to the needs of the brand.

So even if you were a start up or an enterprise you could improve your marketing to make it more productive and more cost effective.

As well as running Jdthomson I am also currently working as co-founder & CMO on a new platform “The Blockchain Art Exchange” that uses blockchain to empower the artists and individuals. We believe together we can change the art world for the better.

Since starting my journey as a marketer and a businessman, I have learnt a lot over the years and would like to share my thoughts and journey with you, So In 2018, I started our blog about Digital & Disruptive Marketing and Sales.

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