Client Objective

Bacardi recognized the importance of a direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy for the future of commerce and created the new D2C brand Twistails to sell at-home cocktails. However, despite hiring several agencies to build the brand and store, Bacardi was not seeing the number of conversions they desired. Bacardi hired JDThomson to increase their conversion rate, average order value (AOV), and improve user experience (UX).

Our Strategy

As part of our 90 Growth Labs service, we worked with Bacardi’s executive team on a new D2C brand in the UK under the Bacardi umbrella. We began by conducting a 360 Marketing Audit to gain a better understanding of the customer and overall user experience. This helped us identify any conversion leaks or growth opportunities that the original website developers may have overlooked. After completing the audit, we provided Bacardi with a detailed report that included tracking implementation, quick win suggestions, and test recommendations.

Our team then created a 90-day growth plan that laid out the implementation of agreed-upon quick wins and growth experiments to increase the conversion rate, AOV, and customer purchase frequency.

Our approach included the following:

  • Conversion Optimization: We identified key areas of the website that could be optimized for conversion, such as the checkout process and product pages. We implemented changes to improve the user experience and simplify the checkout process, resulting in a smoother and more seamless purchase journey.
  • Personalization: We used data to personalize the user experience and improve the relevance of product recommendations. By analyzing user behavior and purchase history, we were able to create tailored product recommendations that increased the AOV and customer purchase frequency.
  • Testing: We conducted A/B tests to determine the most effective messaging, CTAs, and UX elements. By testing different variations, we were able to identify the most effective elements and optimize the website accordingly.

Our Work

The Results

Our efforts resulted in significant improvements for Bacardi’s D2C store. The conversion rate increased by 45%, the AOV increased by 25%, and the customer purchase frequency increased by 34%. Bacardi was pleased with the results and has continued to work with JDThomson to optimize their D2C strategy and drive further growth.


Increase in New Purchase Conversions

We increased new purchase conversions by 45%, resulting in a significant increase in revenue for Bacardi’s D2C store.


Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)

We increased AOV by 25%, which helped to increase the overall revenue per transaction and improve the profitability of the D2C store.


Increase in Repeat Purchase Rate

We increased the repeat purchase rate by 34%, which helped to improve customer loyalty and drive long-term growth for the D2C store.

Overall, our 360 Marketing Audit and 90 Growth Labs services helped Bacardi achieve their objectives and establish a successful D2C brand. By identifying key areas for improvement and implementing a tailored growth plan, we were able to drive significant improvements in conversion rate, AOV, and customer purchase frequency.