Client Objective

Bloom and Blossom is a wellness brand that sells body care products for adults and children. For a brand that was commonly seen in Boots, Waitrose and other big chain supermarkets, they realised they needed a better D2C store. When they come to us their goal was to increase conversion rate, order frequency and AOV on their D2C store.

Our Strategy

After performing some quantitative and qualitative analysis, we uncovered three key insights. A significant amount of the traffic was on mobile, a big drop off in traffic after the frist page and first time visitors were finding it hard to navigate their store.

We also found that once a customer brought the product from a supermarket their likelihood to buy a second product from the D2C store increased to over 60%.

Their current store’s theme was outdated and parts were broken. We decided to redesign the store giving it a fresh look and a better experience.

We also added new features to increase customer frequency and AOV that allowed them to easily purchase products from the store. This included added a free sample gift with every order and after going through the buying journey and expressing strong purchase intent we then offered them an upsell of a similar product.

Our Work

The Results


Increase New Purchase Conversions


Repeat Purchase Rate


Additional Sales Per Month