Client Objective

Bloom and Blossom, a wellness brand known for their body care products, aimed to improve their D2C store and increase their conversion rate, order frequency, and average order value (AOV). Despite their presence in major supermarkets, they recognized the need for a better D2C store experience. They approached JDThomson with the goal of enhancing their online presence and driving growth.

Our Strategy

To address Bloom and Blossom’s objectives, we began by conducting a comprehensive 360 Marketing Audit. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their target customers and evaluate the overall user experience. Through this audit, we uncovered a good number of insights but here is three of highlights:

  1. Mobile Traffic: A significant portion of Bloom and Blossom’s traffic came from mobile devices. This insight highlighted the importance of optimizing the D2C store for mobile users to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  2. Drop-off after First Page: We identified a significant drop-off in traffic after the first page of the website. This indicated that there were potential issues with the user journey and navigation, leading to missed opportunities for conversions.
  3. Repeat Purchase Behavior: We discovered that customers who initially purchased Bloom and Blossom products from supermarkets were more likely to make a second purchase from the D2C store. This insight emphasized the potential to increase order frequency and customer loyalty.

Based on these insights, we developed a two-phase approach:

In Phase 1, we utilized our BuiltWithData Services, designed to build D2C stores using existing data to maximize conversion rates. We redesigned Bloom and Blossom’s store with a fresh look and improved user experience. This included optimizing the mobile experience, addressing navigation issues, and ensuring a seamless checkout process.

In Phase 2, we implemented our 90-day growth labs service. During this phase, we conducted a series of growth experiments aimed at increasing customer frequency and AOV. We tested new features and strategies to encourage repeat purchases and drive higher-value orders. Some of the tactics we implemented included:

  1. Free Sample Gift: We added a free sample gift with every order, incentivizing customers to make a purchase and enhancing their overall shopping experience. This not only increased customer satisfaction but also encouraged repeat purchases.
  2. Upselling Similar Products: After customers expressed strong purchase intent and went through the buying journey, we offered them an upsell of a similar product. This strategy aimed to increase the average order value by enticing customers to add more items to their cart.

Through these growth experiments, we aimed to create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for Bloom and Blossom customers, ultimately driving higher conversion rates, order frequency, and AOV.

Our Work

The Results

Our efforts resulted in significant improvements for Bloom and Blossom’s D2C store:


Increase New Purchase Conversions

We achieved a remarkable 40% increase in new purchase conversions. This means that a higher percentage of website visitors successfully completed their first purchase, resulting in increased sales and revenue for Bloom and Blossom.


Repeat Purchase Rate

We also saw a significant 25% increase in the repeat purchase rate. This indicates that customers were not only making initial purchases but also returning to make additional purchases, demonstrating loyalty and satisfaction with the brand.


Additional Sales Per Month

Our strategies and optimizations led to an additional $25,000 in sales per month for Bloom and Blossom. This increase in revenue showcases the effectiveness of our approach in driving business growth and maximizing the D2C store’s potential.

These results demonstrate the success of our strategies in increasing new purchase conversions, improving customer loyalty, and driving significant revenue growth for Bloom and Blossom. By optimizing the D2C store, implementing personalized tactics, and conducting growth experiments, we were able to achieve remarkable improvements in key metrics, ultimately leading to increased sales and business success for Bloom and Blossom.